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Sea & Earth aims to deliver the freshest quality food, for all your chippy needs, with a HUGE range of exciting developed vegan alternatives that offer the full chip shop experience. P.S. Stay tuned for updates on our new locations coming soon! 😍

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Our Heritage

Chris + Andrew, coming together to launch sea and earth original founders of george's tradition. Georges kitchen family awards winning business sea and earth is the creation the families future vision of fish and chips.

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Sea & Earth
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We promise to use only the highest quality ingredients that are locally sourced where possible.

Recycled Packaging

All condiments available on site will be in recycled containers. Our packaging is fully recyclable.


Committed to using fish from sustainable sources where we have ourselves researched/ identified boats that are operating under ethical guidelines. We endeavour to use local produce where possible.

Food & Drink

Sea & Earth is committed to providing high quality non processed food with no nasty stuff added. We ensure all our vegan food is prepared and cooked in separate fryers.

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11:30am - 2:00pm /
4.30pm - 9:00pm


11:30am - 2:00pm /
4.30pm - 9:00pm


11:30am - 2:00pm /
4.30pm - 9:00pm


11:30am - 2:00pm /
4.30pm - 9:00pm


11:30am - 9:30pm


11:30am - 2:00pm /
4.30pm - 9:30pm

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Christmas Eve


Christmas Day


Boxing Day


Thursday 28th

Open as normal

Friday 29th

Open as normal

Saturday 30th

Open as normal

New Years Eve


New Years Day


Tuesday 2nd


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Chunky Tartare

Contains: Mustard

Mustard Pea Fritters

Contains: Sulphites

Pea lime Mayo

Contains: Mustard / Sulphites

Miso Mayo

Contains: Mustard / Spyabean


Contains: Crustaceans / Wheat / Fish

Mushy Peas

Contains: Sulphites

Banana Blossom

Contains: Sesame / Citric Acid / Ascorbic Acid / Antioxidant/ Celery

Vegan Fish Cake

Contains: Sesame / Citric acid / Ascorbic acid / Antioxidant/ Celery / Gluten


Contains: Wheat / Processed in factory may contain allergens (Packed on site that handles milk, soya, celery, mustard, barley and sulphites)

Mango Sauce

processed in factory that may contain Allergens

Curry Sauce

Contains: Celery (Packed on site that handles peanuts, tree nutss, sesame seeds, gluten, wheat, milk powder, soya and mustard)

Vegan Fish Fingers

Contains: Wheat

Vegan Sausage

Contains: Soya (Produced on a site that handles Gluten, Egg, Milk, Sulphites, Mustard and Celery)


Contains: Wheat / Soy / Sodium Sulphite

Vegan Nuggets

Contains: Soya / Wheat

Mock Scampi (Without Batter)

Contains: Wheat Fiber / Soy / Mustard

Kimchi Loaded Fries

Contains: Mustard / Soya

Leek Onion Pie

Contains: Gluten / Oats

Corn Spicy Ribs

Contains: Wheat / Soya

Fish Cakes

Contains: Wheat / Soya / Gluten / Fish

Breaded Fish Cakes

Contains: Wheat / Fish / Gluten

Smoky Bean Ball

Contains: Celery


Contains: Celery / Mustard / Soya / Gluten


Contains: Gluten


Contains: Wheat / Soya / May contain milk

Smoked Cheese, Leek, Onion, Mushroom Pie

Contains: Oats

Steak Pie (Pukka Pie)

Contains: Wheat / Barley / Milk (May contain traces of Soya)

Chicken & Mushroom (Pukka Pie)

Contains: Wheat / Milk (May contain barley, egg, soya)

All Batter

Contains: Wheat / Soya (May contain mustard)

All battered products contain gluten. For other allergy information, please contact us.